Read my reviews from my clients 

I have been able to help many business owners and individuals over the years. 
Here are just a few examples of the positive comments that I have received after working with them... 
"After just one session of coaching with Claire I felt and saw a significant improvement in my mindset and confidence. Suddenly my “to-do lists” were “done lists” and my days are filled with goal achievements instead of wishes. 
By the third session, I had begun to go after a big dream I have held for years and got the wheels in motion on the road to successful realisation of that vision. 
Working with Claire has given me the confidence and boost of self-esteem to aim higher and not settle for mediocre. Each day is now a new adventure full of endless possibilities.  
Each day is an opportunity to move a step closer to the life I dream of and with Claire’s coaching skills adapting to my individual circumstances, supporting me and teaching me I know that life is on its way. 
I am now so excited for my future and living each day with renewed energy, positivity, enthusiasm, and purpose. In just a matter of weeks I have changed from someone that life happens to into someone who makes things happen and I could not be happier!" 
"I have had several coaching sessions with Claire, and got so much more than I expected!! At the start, what I thought I wanted to focus on, turned out to be more minor issue, and Claire was able to unlock more potential from me. She was very professional and patient during our sessions, whilst also being able to get the best out of me (even during times when that wasn't easy). I would recommend the services of Claire and Wildfire Revolution to anyone who is struggling to focus or put together a list of goals, and how to achieve them in a positive way. Thank you Claire!" 
"What can I say about Claire. She's an absolute ray of sunshine. She's been there for many years to support me and my family when life wasn't going well for us. She is good at adapting to new situations and is always considerate to my feelings. I never feel rushed or like she has to be somewhere else, she's always taking things at my pace. Thank you Claire!" 
''Claire is inspiring not just because she is an amazing coach, which she is, but because she has lived through all the things that are capable of holding someone back. Not only has she experienced self doubt and anxiety, she came through having learnt coping mechanisms through study and trial and error.  
Claire has so much strength from these experiences and this was invaluable to me as was the ability to think outside of the box. Claire offers so much more than text book coaching, she - through experience - offers solutions tailored to individual need. A great listener with thoughtful caring skills. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Claire for coaching, be that in business as it was for me, or personally. Thank you Claire. You have gained my trust and loyalty.'' 
"Claire Is wonderful... she is the person that will always hold my hand and have my back and thoroughly embraces my good and my bad. Wildfire Evolution is a place I can feel safe to talk through my doubts and worries and is a place I can congratulate my successes whilst continuing to grow and I love Claire for bringing this to me... I love this safe place and I am so proud of Claire for the encouragement and love she shows to everyone.🖤" 
"Thank you to Claire for inviting me to Revolutionise Your Resolutions workshop because it opened my eyes to WHY we need to change and where we need to change to achieve our goals. Thank you, Claire! 
I’d advise anyone to come along to her next session." 
"Claire has turned what has been an overwhelming time for me into a constructive, exciting goal planning chapter, through the Revolutionise your Resolutions programme. 
Claire guides me through the programme in a timely and compassionate manner, and gives me life management tools that I had no idea existed. She also offers ongoing support and is sensitive to an individual’s personal journey. I look forward to my emails from Wildfire Evolution that remind me of this support and that also provide templates and guidance along my journey. 
I have began exploring my awakening with Wildfire Evolution and I cannot wait to grow and thrive further from the courses that will be available in 2022." 
"Had a fab time working with Claire who is so lovely and professional, I would definitely recommend Wildfire Evolution and working with Claire, will deffo be back again soon thank you Claire!" 
For in-person coaching, I use Meet By The Park in Leamington Spa 

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