Are You Ready to Get Out of Your Scroll Hole? 

This is your opportunity to make a change! 
This 5-day FREE program will help you put your phone down and stop living life through your screen. 
That's right. I have so much knowledge to share because I've traveled this journey myself. You're in a safe space... it's like AA for screen addiction! 
I know I wasn't alone in being obsessed with picking up my phone. It's not an easy habit to change, but there are ways that you can get out of your scroll hole and be present in the real world. 
You won't have to speak out about your own screen use if you don't want to. You'll have all the content to use confidentially if you wish. 
You will receive the whole 5-day course for FREE! No hidden costs. But don't hang about... this is only going to run for free once. Next time, there will be a charge attached. 

One-To-One Coaching in Coventry and Warwickshire 

Individual, one-to-one coaching enables a completely bespoke, person-centred approach to your journey. Following your free discovery call, you will be offered two options if we agree that one-to-one coaching is best for you... 

Your Wildfire Journey 

This is the ultimate service provided by Wildfire Evolution to ensure you are supported throughout your journey. Your journey will last a minimum of three months to ensure you are completely clear and moving forward before you move on. This journey can continue longer if required and will be reviewed after three months. 
Within your three-month subscription you will receive: 
Welcome pack and resources in the post. 
6 x one-to-one sessions, each lasting for one hour (either face-to-face or online, see cost for details). 
Reflection email following each session with an Action Plan to lead you to the next session. 
Weekly 15-minute check-in calls. 
Email anytime (replied to within working hours). 
Access to the Wildfire Resource Centre. 
Reduced price maintenance packages available upon completion of the three months. 
Subscription cost: 
£199 per month for a minimum of three months. Online coaching option. 
£249 per month for a minimum of three months. Face-to-face coaching option. 

Power Session 

This Power Session comprises an in-depth 90-minute coaching session on a one-to-one basis. 
You will receive a digital workbook prior to your session so that we can be fully prepared to make the most of the time. 
This session also includes a written reflection and Action Plan, plus a series of four follow-up emails and access to the Wildfire Resource Centre for one month. 
This is a great choice if you already have an idea where your journey is heading, or if you’ve simply fallen off track and need help realigning. 
£149 single payment. Online option. 
All face-to-face coaching will take place at Meet By The Park. 
Address: 11 Dormer Place, CV32 5AA, overlooking the Pump Room Gardens in central Leamington Spa. 
There is on-street parking outside and a multi-story car park 1 minute away. The railway station is just a 5 minute walk. 

Self-Guided Programmes 

These are perfect if you know exactly what you need to work on, or if you are self-motivated enough to follow a programme without regular input from a qualified coach/mentor. 
Self-Care Bootcamp 
Taken the self-care audit? Too many gaps? Or do you already know that you're not putting yourself first? 
Don't worry! In just 10 days you'll have the tools to always keep your self care in check. Covering the what, why, who, when and where of self care, nothing will be left a mystery. 

Want to get started or find out more? 

Book a free, no obligation discovery call today! 
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