Everyone needs a little support sometimes...  ...the resources on this page are accessible to everyone. No purchase necessary to take advantage of the wisdom in here. 

One of my main aims is to ensure everyone, in any situation, can receive a level of support from me. 
These free resources will be a great way for you to access support. 
Feel free to access any that you think will be helpful to you. 

Are You Ready to Get Out of Your Scroll Hole? 

This is your opportunity to make a change! 
This five day free program will help you put your phone down and stop living life through your screen. 
That's right. I have so much knowledge to share because I've traveled this journey myself. You're in a safe space... it's like AA for screen addiction! 
I know I wasn't alone in being obsessed with picking up my phone. It's not an easy habit to change, but there are ways that you can get out of your scroll hole and be present in the real world. 
You won't have to speak out about your own screen use if you don't want to. You'll have all the content to use confidentially if you wish. 
You will receive the whole 5 day course for FREE! No hidden costs. But don't hang about... this is only going to run for free once. Next time, there will be a charge attached. 
Meet your new companion Anna 
Hi, I am Anna, 
I'm whoever you want me to be, everything decided by you! 
I'm here to create a disguise for anyone that needs a bit of life support. 
I can be any adult age, I can be from any family and background. I can have any problem! 
I can take your problem and share it with Claire to get support. 
Your Self Care Audit is waiting for you! 
I am ready to help you with your Self Care... 

Want to get started or find out more? 

Book a free, no obligation discovery call today! 
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