By Claire McEnery 
We have looked at what coaching is, what it isn’t, why we might need it and how it differs from other therapy. You may be ready to find your coach, so how would that look if you choose to work with me at Wildfire Evolution. I shall tell you. 
As it stands at the moment, the service is wholly provided by me. I have support in the background with tech and marketing but all client facing services come from me. If you haven’t already, you can book your discovery call. This is free and neither of us are under obligation to work together.  
Coaching is a relationship based on trust and the ability to relate to each other. It is therefore vital that we can get along in a professional manner. The discovery call gives us the opportunity to learn about each other and make sure the best service can be delivered. I never oversell, I am not a sales expert and I believe in providing the most suitable level of service.  
If I think that a self-guided programme or a group course may be suitable for you, I will offer you that option. If you are ready to be coached on a one-to-one basis, we will look at the one-off and longer-term options to make sure we can achieve what you need. If I don’t think my area of expertise fits your requirements, I will be honest about this. I have a great network of coaches around me and I will offer an introduction to those that I feel will be suitable for you. Your needs are at the heart of my work, and I will not take on a client if I don’t think I’m their best option 
Once we have established that we are a great fit we will get to work. We will establish the best course of action for you, and you will receive a contract and payment information depending on what has been chosen. 
I have made the three-month coaching option as affordable as possible by breaking it down into monthly payments. Your first appointment will be booked in straight away and we will endeavour to find a regular time that suits in order to keep consistent.  
If you are going on to a self-guided programme you will still get email responses from me with any questions you have. You will also receive regular emails to keep you on track. 
When your initial option comes to an end, we will converse again to see if any further support is required and how that may look. You will have lots of opportunity during your coaching journey to ensure you are happy with your progress and the outcomes.  
I am always by your side, no matter how you choose to work with me. 
So, let’s book that call! 
Please do check out the other parts of this series. I'm sure you'll find them helpful. Also, if you have further questions, please do contact me or book a call. 
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