By Claire McEnery 
You may well be thinking that you do not need a Life Coach. Let me start by telling you a true story. 
In 2012 I was a member of a small networking group for a business I was running at the time. At one of the meetings a Life Coach attended. She didn’t expand much on what she does as a life coach or how it can impact someone. I simply knew that she was a life coach. During a conversation, she said that some clients like their call first thing in the morning so that she can help them plan their day. Do you know what I thought at that point “Why the heck would you pay someone to tell you what to do for the day”. 
Now, let me tell you that at this point in my life I wasn’t anywhere near as ambitious as I am now. I also did not live life with a positive outlook day in day out, I was a pro at finding the negatives and wallowing in them. I didn’t keep any contact with that lady, I couldn’t tell you her name or her business. It may have been her lack of explanation that gave me that opinion or it could well have been as a result of my closed mind. So, let me end this story with a truth bomb. If this is your opinion of a life coach, you are probably the one that needs this service. 
Since receiving coaching myself and understanding the power of coaching my outlook has completely changed.  
Now, even when the worst events have happened, I can see a glimpse of hope or positivity.  
I am able to allow myself to feel grief, upset, hurt or even anger for a reasonable amount of time before politely telling myself that there is so much more ahead and it’s time to leave those feelings where they are. Not only do I now want to be the lady who gets paid to help people on a daily basis, I also recognise that I need that for myself too.  
As I said in part one, I’m not actually going to tell you what to do, and I’m sure she didn’t either, that was my interpretation. However, having that guidance, that questioning and the support of someone by your side can really improve your potential to have a great day every day. 
One last thing, a good coach will teach you to coach yourself. At the end of our coaching journey, which is usually three months long, you’ll be equipped with tools to coach yourself. You’ll know what practises to put into place daily, you’ll know what questions to ask yourself in certain situations and you’ll know when to allow negative feelings to have their time and when to move them on.  
I do advise that we stay in touch and maintenance is available, but I don’t keep any coaching secrets. I want you to live your best life and you’ll be able to keep that wildfire alight by yourself. 
Please do check out the other parts of this series. I'm sure you'll find them helpful. Also, if you have further questions, please do contact me or book a call. 
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