By Claire McEnery 
Welcome to The Summer Survival Series 
Hello and welcome, this is the very start of the Summer Survival Series. Thank you for joining me. As a Mum I have so far experienced thirteen school summer holidays; these experiences have sometimes been very different to each other. 
I absolutely love spending extra time with my children, I am very maternal, and I live for them. However, that doesn’t always mean it’s a fairy-tale. There are so many ways that the long school holidays can fill us with dread, and I wanted to help with some of those issues.  
To create this series, I sent a survey to Mums with school-age children and asked them to share their experiences of school holidays and what they struggle with. This programme has been created based on those responses, not just my personal experience.  
This has enabled me to cover areas that I may not have considered in order to deliver a programme that should suit most Mums. 
Every Monday a new blog post will appear which will cover an area of difficulty. In addition to this, you can join the Wildfire Community on Facebook to share with like-minded women. You will also receive emails to help to guide you if you’re signed up to the mailing list. 
Areas you can expect to see include: 
Mum guilt: what it is, what it can look like and how to reduce it. 
Comparison: how we compare ourselves to other Mums and why we shouldn’t. 
Working Mums: ways to reduce the challenges of working during the holidays. 
Self-care: you are most definitely important too and this should be recognised. 
It is okay to say NO: whether this is to your children, your friends or your work commitments, sometimes the word 'no' is needed. 
Money does not dictate your children’s happiness: You may be on a budget this summer, but that doesn't mean that your children will have less happiness than others. 
You are enough: By the end of the series, I hope that you’ll see that you are enough for your children, and I will give you support to see this. 
There will be so much more, this is a guide. Although the outline of the programme is written, there is room for change. 
If you find yourself struggling with something, tell me. Either post in the community group or if you would like to remain anonymous to everyone else, drop me an email.  
If your challenge isn’t already in the programme, I will do my best to cover it. Let’s have the best possible Summer Holiday with reduced stress and anxiety. Please do check out the other parts of this series. I'm sure you'll find them helpful.  
Also, if you have further questions, please do contact me HERE or book a call HERE
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