By Claire McEnery 
Is it a case of September loving or more like wake me up when September ends? 
September is a month that tends to divide emotions; for some, it's a time of realignment, setting new goals and powering on after Summer. For others however, September can be hard. It can be full of overwhelm, burnout and perhaps feeling a little lost. September brings a sense of urgency to some people, we are closing in on the last quarter of the year, new changes may have come around with the academic year and their seems to be a whole load of birthdays going on! Let's make sure we can stay grounded amongst the hustle and bustle.  
How can you stay grounded?  
We are coming up to one of the most busiest quarters of the year, so let's keep ourselves in check!  
So where are you right now?  
Let's stop and check in with ourselves. Take some time out to assess where you are and whether that is where you want to be. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about the never ending to do lists or the amount of appointments (be it work, family or social) that you just can't fit in that you can let overwhelm take over. When you stop and think about where you are, you may be exactly where you should be. Taking that step back can help to get you back on the ground.  
Say No 
Is that to do list never ending? Are there too many activities to fit into life right now? It's okay to say no sometimes. Take a look at what you're committed to doing and think about how all of those things make you feel. If some of those things bring you dread, anxiety or a wish that you didn't have to do it... you know what I'm going to say... don't do it!  
You should be in control of your life and your feelings, if you don't feel like you are, we need to change that! If you truly want to do every single one of your commitments, we can work on how to fit them in without burning out. But let's be honest, do you want to do all of them? If it's a no, let's work on saying no. 
Give yourself some time just for you. 
It may be all hustle and bustle right now but you're still number one in your life! If you follow my social media you will know that self care is an absolute must in my opinion. Why not follow me to pick up some top tips.  
Whether it's ten minutes a day, a few hours at the weekend or a regular block out of the diary, self care needs to be part of your life, it's non negotiable! 
So let's make a plan!  
I do love a plan and planning for yourself is just as important as planning your work schedule, your children's activities or the weekly shop.  
Whether you're used to planning your week or whether you're winging it, I would like you to stop and plan out the next few weeks. Just by getting everything down on paper, some of your overwhelm will go. You could find that things aren't as overwhelming as you first thought and you will be able to see where you can pop in time for yourself. If your plans don't all fit on to the plan, something really has got to give.  
So, has something got to give? What's it going to be? Just a reminder, it cannot be yourself that gives, time for you is non negotiable. 
Let's go through your plan and see what's most important. Pop a number next to each appointment, activity or thing to do. It gets a 1 if it's completely important and cannot be changed. A 2 is for the items that are important but could be rearranged. A 3 is for things that can be done by someone else rather than you. 4 is your write off number. 4's are taking up unnecessary time and should not be on your plan. If it doesn't bring value or enjoyment, take it off the plan!  
Have confidence 
You may have found that things were manageable and moving forward is much easier now it's down on paper. If this is the case, have confidence in your own abilities and leave doubt at the doorstep. 
If you've found that some changes need to be made, you've got this! Positive changes are so important and you can most definitely move forward without being burnt out.  
Feel like you need some extra help with this? Book a call with me and I will help!  
Enjoy the rest of your month. 
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