By Claire McEnery 
The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and there is much less sunlight. The shorter days can change our mood; therefore, it is important to make sure you shine in the dark. 
It is so easy to let the darker days bring us down, to lose time in our day because the daylight is gone and to cut ourselves off as we cosy up. There is a lot to love about the darker months so let’s make sure we can make the most of them. 
There are still 24 hours in the day 
There may be a lot less daylight but the hours in a day remain the same. First of all, if you are an early riser, don’t let the dark mornings keep you in bed. Keep your alarm the same and keep your routine as you usually do. It may be hard, but you’ll be glad you’ve done it. Usually head out for a walk or to the gym? Keep doing it. Usually spend an our on personal development or mindfulness? Whatever you usually do to start your day the right way, keep doing it. 
The darkness may close in from 4pm onwards but your day is not over. The same as I’ve said for the morning, keep doing your evening routine. You don’t have to be inside at home all evening, the day still lives. Been asked to meet a friend for a catch up? A dark evening shouldn’t stop you heading out. Usually do something for yourself in the evenings? Don’t let that slip. Keeping routine and making the most of your day will help to keep your mood up. 
Embrace the shorter day 
Whilst I don’t advise changing your morning or evening routines, where possible, making changes in the day will be beneficial.  
Making the most of the daylight whilst it exists can be fundamental to your mood and wellbeing. Add in a lunchtime walk if possible or if you’re a school run Mum, walk the long way or leave your car a street or two away.  
Not only this will add vital steps to your day, it will expose you to daylight for longer.  
Some companies introduce wellbeing hours during autumn and winter months; if yours doesn’t, it’s worth suggesting it! 
Fuel yourself correctly 
Whilst the weather changes it is so easy to ditch the water for extra hot drinks or even add in some hot chocolates or festive treat drinks. Whilst the odd treat is okay, water is still the fuel that your body needs. Keep that intake up on a daily basis. 
It’s just as easy to fill up on warming comfort foods, extra puddings and stodgy dinners. Stay mindful about what you’re eating; keep a balance of five a day and nutritious food. There are lots of ways to eat warm and comforting food without adding in calories. Keeping your food and drink in check will help to keep your mood lifted. Two of my favourite food pros are Lily Samuels Nutrition and Baba Mika Bakes. 
Light up your world 
The darkness is out there, it doesn’t need to be inside too. Fill dark corners with lamps, add a twinkle to your décor and don’t be afraid to flick the light switch. There will be times where even the middle of the day is dark; light yourself up. 
Keep up with self-care 
Self-care is vital all year round and now is not the time to let it slip. Soak in a hot bath, snuggle up with loved ones to watch a movie, read for pleasure and keep up your exercise. You can see more self-care ideas every Sunday on Instagram. Check last week's blog for more on this. 
Whilst these aren’t the only ways to keep your wellbeing on track this season, they will certainly help. If your wellbeing isn’t currently what it should be and you need some added support, book a call with me now. 
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