By Claire McEnery 
This is part two of my self-care blogs, I post about self-care every Sunday and I mentioned it in the last two blogs too. I’m pretty sure you know how important I think it is now! 
My first blog focused on the basics of how to bring self-care into your daily routine. By now, you’ll have had time to consider the areas that I talked about and should have begun to make changes. But why do you need to, why is self-care so important? 
I touched on this in part one; you can’t help anyone or be fully present if you’re taking care of yourself. 
You may be feeling like you’re doing just fine, you’re getting by, you’re scraping deadlines or getting your meal just before bed when you’ve finished doing things for your family. 
Just fine won’t keep you fully present forever though. Just fine won’t keep you fit and well long term. Just fine won’t have you reaching your full potential.  
If you’re just fine, you need some extra self-care to help you on your way to fully present and awesome. 
Self-care is never selfish; whether it’s an extra ten minutes for your skincare routine, a half hour walk before the day starts or whole day out without any commitments attached to it, it’s never selfish. 
The most important thing is to remove any sense of guilt from your self-care. 
Taking care of yourself, taking time out from day to day activities, spending some money on yourself sometimes and many other tasks are all important and not at all selfish and should not make you feel guilty. 
Here’s a truth for you: if an individual is making you feel guilty for doing something for yourself, chances are they’re not practising self-care for themselves.  
They may not feel confident enough or valued enough to look after themselves. 
This isn’t their fault; it’s so easy to do, but they’re not entitled to disapprove of your own self-care. 
You may have been guilty of scalding someone else for having time to themselves, without their children, family or leaving commitments for a day.  
That’s okay, you now know that it isn’t selfish, and you can switch your attitude and praise those who take time for themselves whilst you do it too. 
Next time you want to do something extra for yourself and start to talk yourself out of it, remember, you’re important too. 
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