By Claire McEnery 
Christmas… How do you feel when you hear that word? Spend a few minutes thinking about everything that comes to mind when the word Christmas is mentioned. 
Are all of your thoughts full of joy and happiness? Every single thought? Or were you sent into a panic or dread for some reason? Christmas can be and should be full of magic, joy, laughs and comfort. However, it’s not always as rosy as this. You may have immediately thought that you’re not ready for Christmas, you can’t afford Christmas, you’re dreading spending time with certain people or meeting other people’s expectations. 
For some of us, Christmas sparks memories of harder times, it brings grief to the surface or brings a sense loneliness. Perhaps you’ve experienced a huge changed in your life this year and you’re not sure how Christmas will pan out this year. These are just a few common examples of what Christmas can do to your thoughts and feelings. 
It’s important to remember that Christmas doesn’t and shouldn’t fall on one person’s shoulders. You shouldn’t be worried about meeting other people’s expectations and you definitely should not be stretching the pennies or using credit to make things happen. 
I have created Calmer Christmas to tackle Christmas step by step. This is my first self-guided program, by self-guided, I mean that the content is there for you to access in your own time and use as you wish. Each week until January, new content will be added. You’ll have a unique login to watch the videos, read the text and download the checklists, workbooks and activities. 
During the program you’ll be given guidance to establish what’s truly important to you and those close to you this Christmas. You’ll be aided in organising each aspect of Christmas. You’ll be reminded to stay in control of your finances and feelings and given new skills to enable this. There are modules to help with grief, loneliness and coping with difficult situations. This program is for all women, for that reason there are sections about parenting and shared parenting as well as sections for women who live alone. Are you caring for someone else? There’s help in there for you too! 
If even just one of these areas has sparked your interest, this program is for you. What’s more, you’ll only pay once! For £20 you will have unlimited access, year on year, no matter how many upgrades the program gets. By being a founding member in the first year, you have the best opportunity to make Christmas Calmer
What are you waiting for?! 
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