Hi, I'm Claire, a life coach and mentor in Coventry... 

I haven’t always lived a fulfilled life. I spent a lot of my childhood and early adulthood trying to fit in and trying to make sense of life. My ambitions were low and I never wanted to step out of my comfort zone. 
I had goals that were large enough to survive but not to live life to the max. I got my BTEC Level Three in Early Years, just as I had wanted, and then went to work in a nursery as planned. I had never failed at life; I just wasn’t reaching my full potential because I allowed fear and anxiety to be present. 
That was my view of my life, but in talking to my friends, colleagues and acquaintances, they all saw a young lady full of confidence. I was someone that others aspired to be, but there was no way I would see that for myself. 
Although I wasn’t initially ambitious, this grew quite quickly in my twenties and early thirties. I have been resourceful in making sure I can always provide for my family, and I have grasped opportunities with both hands when they come along. 
At thirty-four my ambition rocketed; I was no longer content with plodding along and staying in my comfort zone. I created a business and became a student at the University of Warwick. This is where I 'ignited my wildfire' and began to evolve into the person I am now. 
In just a few years I have come to realise that I am important, independent and capable of anything I put my mind to. With supportive people around me, a positive mindset and an eye for opportunity, the world has become my oyster. 
I have goals, ambition and the confidence to make it all reality! 
Studying Coaching and Mentoring at University has truly changed my world. Not only have I been able to change my life for the better, but the lives of others too! My studies, combined with my business, have allowed me to already reach a large number of people who have been positively impacted. 
Want to keep in touch? You can here. 
This is why Wildfire Evolution exists; to reach many more women who may not be living life to their full potential. 
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